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Certification Program

Built in collaboration with Vue School and industry experts, our Certification Programs are designed to ensure the competencies tested are those necessary to achieve the effective use of the frameworks, plugins, and tools we certify.

Examinations are challenging, so you have a true opportunity to prove your worth. Included are real-world coding challenges which are a fun, interactive way! Preparation materials and training are provided, allowing you to expand your knowledge and gain a deep understanding of the technology. Advanced certification is also provided for those that are or aspire to a senior role.


Research shows clear interest in achieving certification

We received more than 2,500 responses from developers in a pre-launch survey conducted about the Certification Program.


presume a certificate will enhance their job prospects and career advancement


look to certification to validate their skills and knowledge


believe that having a certification will enhance their professional credibility

Certification can benefit companies with improved team morale, productivity, skills, and efficiency. Recruiting a certified developer also ensures that candidates have the requisite skills!

Available Developer Certifications


The official certification of competence for the Vue.js framework.

Built with reviews from the Creator of Vue, Evan You, and interested members of the Vue.js Core Team.

Bringing together some of the greatest Vue.js experts to make this the best product that will adequately test the competencies that are necessary to achieve the most effective use of the Vue.js framework!

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Get Vue.js Certified

The official certification of competence for the Vue.js framework.

Evan You

Evan You

Creator of Vue.js

Certifications Coming Soon

Logo of Nuxt


Certification of Nuxt

Get certified for Nuxt 3, the free and open-source framework for creating type-safe, performant and production-grade full-stack web applications and websites with Vue.js.

Logo of Tailwind


Certification of Tailwind

Tailwind CSS is a popular CSS framework designed to enable developers to create applications faster and easier. Get your Tailwind certification to validate your expertise and skills.

Logo of Angular


Certification of Angular

Ready to get your Angular skills certified through our rigorous online evaluation process?

Logo of JavaScript


Certification of JavaScript

Earn your certification for JavaScript, arguably the most popular programming language used by professional developers today.

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Tailored Certification

Tailor-Made Certification for Your Technology

The team can develop a custom certification for your technology to ensure that developers are making the best use of your product, as well as enjoying the other benefits that certification delivers.

Chat to us on how we can build a solution for you.

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We can help you recruit Certified Developers for your organization or project. The team has helped many customers employ suitable resources from a pool of 100s of qualified Developers.

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Everett Owyoung
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Introducing Certificates.dev · Empowering Developers Worldwide

Vue School has been at the forefront of online developer education since its inception in 2016, providing Vue.js enthusiasts of all skill levels with the world's first (and largest) dedicated Vue.js training platform. Over the years we’ve collaborated with the greatest industry experts to create hundreds of lessons, courses, workshops, and tutorials, events and upskilled more than 700,000 developers.

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