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Nuxt Certification

The official certification of competence for the Nuxt Framework.

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Built in Partnership with Sébastien Chopin, creator of Nuxt

Examination question sets and code challenges are reviewed by Sébastien Chopin, creator of Nuxt. Sébastien's direct involvement ensures we're testing the right competencies for you to start mastering the Nuxt Framework. A percentage of the program revenue goes to supporting Nuxt, the core Nuxt team, and the development of the Nuxt framework.

Companies that use Nuxt
+4,000,000 websites

Benefits of getting your Nuxt Certification

Demonstrate your Nuxt competency

A Nuxt certification validates your expertise in building robust, scalable applications with Nuxt. Employers and clients seek certified developers who stay ahead of the curve and deliver top-quality work. Showcase your commitment to excellence with an official Nuxt credential.

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Enhanced Career Opportunities

Nuxt skills are in high demand, and certification sets you apart. Stand out from the competition and unlock new job opportunities at leading companies. Certified developers can command higher salaries and faster advancement to senior roles. Invest in your future today.

How Certifications can benefit your team

Certifying your team cultivates a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Certified developers can enjoy boosted morale, improved productivity, and better efficiency through deepened skills and confidence. With a broader range of expertise, your team can tackle any challenge and ship better products faster.

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Steps to Certification

Step 1
Exam Preparation

Review the exam preparation guide to ensure that you are familiar with the requirements of the exam, just so you are clear on what is expected

Step 2
Optional Training

If you need additional training, there is additional self-study training available, or alternatively you can elect to attend the live, intensive bootcamp training sessions

Step 3
Take Examination

The online exam will consist of both multiple choice questions and practical coding exercises. Take the exam whenever convenient for you from the comfort of your home.

Nuxt Certificates Levels

certification badge
Nuxt Developer

105 min

30 Questions and 75 minutes of Coding Challenges

Passing the first level of the Nuxt exam will demonstrate that you are proficient with using Nuxt to develop real world applications. You have a good handle on essential concepts like how to fetch data, file based routing, error handling, and more.

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Senior Nuxt Developer



This level of certification is designed for those Nuxt.js Developers that are looking to attain or demonstrate their suitability as a Senior Nuxt.js Developer. The certification introduces advanced concepts and elements required in such a position.

Optional Preparation Training Products

Self-Study Training

Prepare at your own pace with our comprehensive self-study materials. Get on-demand access to interactive lessons, coding exercises, and quizzes tailored for:

  • Nuxt Developer Certification

  • Senior Nuxt Developer Certification

Live Bootcamps

Prefer an immersive, instructor-led experience? Level up with our intensive live bootcamps conducted by Nuxt experts. Choose from:

  • 4-Day Nuxt Developer Bootcamp

  • 4-Day Senior Nuxt Developer Bootcamp

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Support Vue School and Nuxt

A percentage of program revenue goes to support Nuxt development.


Examination Board

Sébastien Chopin

Creator of Nuxt

Alex Kyriakidis

Founder & CEO Vue School, Author of the first Vue.js book

Daniel Kelly

Lead Vue School Instructor, Vue.js Forge Master of Code



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