Official Vue.js Certification Program



Includes all theory, coding challenges, quizzes, and even a mock exam!

Available 29 & 30 June 2024

This is your opportunity to gain all the insights into your readiness to achieve the Official Vue.js Developer Certification. For the first time ever, get free access for 48 hours and gain valuable insights, test your knowledge, and solidify your understanding.

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Tailored Certification

Built with reviews from the Creator of Vue

Examination question sets and coding challenges are reviewed by Evan You, creator of Vue.js. Evan’s direct involvement contributes to guaranteeing that the competencies tested are those necessary to achieve the effective use of the Vue.js framework. A percentage of the program revenue from the program goes back to support Vue.js development.

Do you have what it takes
to be Officially Vue.js Certified

Gain valuable insights, test your skills, and solidify your understanding for the Vue.js Certification Exam.

Structured Learning for Exam Success

Master key Vue.js concepts with easy-to-follow training modules that directly align with the exam objectives. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Test your knowledge with quizzes modeled after real exam questions. Identify areas where you shine and where you can improve.

Get Exam-Ready Faster

Gain insights into your current skill level and focus your studying on areas that need extra attention before the official exam.

Test your skills

Take the mock exam to see how your skills really shape up.

Inside your Free 48-Hour Access

Get a taste of our comprehensive Vue.js Developer certification training program during your free trial period.
Explore these key topics through interactive lessons and hands-on exercises:

Vue.js Essentials

Kickstart your journey by building a dynamic movie rating app, mastering reactivity, templates, and event handling.

Vue.js Components

Dive into the modular architecture of Vue with reusable components, lifecycle hooks, and efficient code organization.

Intermediate Vue.js

Enhance your skills with reactive data handling using watchers, DOM manipulation with template refs, and smooth UI transitions.

Vue.js Ecosystem

Explore the Vue.js ecosystem with Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js to build scalable and performant applications.

Challenge Roundup

Put your knowledge to the test with real-world scenarios, bug fixes, and building custom directives.

Not included: Official Vue.js Exam

Exam vouchers need to be purchased separately at a special price of 55% off. Mock exam is included.

Experience our hands-on, fun approach to practicing your Vue.js skills,
with interactive exercises and app development projects throughout the training.


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